lundi 13 octobre 2014

The Tire Consumption Today

Consumption of the tire becomes enormous with the development of motorization, the processing of waste tires has become a problem. Accident tires odors generated from water that has accumulated in the tire that has been left. Insect damage due to the fact that mosquitoes lay their eggs in water has been stacked cortex, such as spontaneous combustion also have occurred. The continue remaining over time is hardly resin products similar corruption other and is discarded. Even those that have passed about 20 years interior body and even rotten in tattered passenger cars that have been illegally dumped in the forest and will continue kept intact only tire is not erosion almost.

Because it is heavy and durable, large waste tire diameter is used as a sports training and play equipment in the park. There is a use methods such as decorating the outer periphery of the flower beds small waste tire diameter. I see in kindergarten and elementary school. Devised which attempts to have the durability of the footwear traditional easy to wear extremely in contact with the asphalt paste the tire that is stretched flat from the bottom of the leather soled sandals and clogs also found.

Also, it is often also be used as a buffer material by using the fact that large rubber articles medium is in the cavity. Specific examples by collecting waste tires of suitable size, a portion slowing safely is allowed to rush and how to use it and fenders of the small ships such as tugboats and fishing vessels, the circuit "tire barrier" a car that was (off the track and (there is a cushion) that was made ​​by overlapping installed in the wall of the escape zone).

Higher recycling applications most thermal recycling as a fuel. In Japan, it has been recycled steel cords that about half of the waste tire is turned to the blast furnace of the steel plant and cement, are included in the tire is also not remain in the iron material or component of the cement as iron raw material. The fuel for purposes other than, in addition to being used as acoustic insulation and cushioning material, exports to country demand for retread is higher has been carried out as a raw material for material recycling.